Keenan Caduceus

Reclusive Warrior with a temper


Age: 24
Race: Human (Cormyrian?)

Stats Skills Die Edges
Athletics d6 Woodsman
Agility: d6/0 Craft d4 Berserk
Vigor: d8/+1 Deception d-
Smarts: d6/0 Fighting d6
Spirit: d6/0 Healing d-
Impress d-
Traits Intrigue d4
Investigate d-
Parry: 5 Knowledge d- Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Notice d6 Unlucky
Move: 6 Perform d- Loyal
Toughness: 6+1/4 Persuasion d- Quirk: Sharpening Blades
Strength: 4 Riding d4
Shooting d4
Stealth d6
Survival d8
Thievery d-
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT
Head: L Lth 2 Axe n/a Str+d6 2
Torso: L Lth 2 Hunting Bow 12/24/48 2d6 3
Arms: L Lth 2 Dagger 3/6/12 Str +d4 1
Legs: L Lth 2

Weight Carried: 39.8
Weight Limit: 40
Encumbrance: -

Languages Knowledges
Chondathan (native) Dwarven Lore
Trade Common (basic) Forests
Dwarven (basic) Commerce
Elven (basic)
Glory: 0 Experience: 2
Axe (2), hunting bow (3), dagger (1)
scout harness (light leather leather)(15), shield (8)
satchel/10 (1), bedroll (5), water flask (1),quiver (1)
traveler’s outfit (-), whetstone (1)
arrows: 9 (1.8)
Group Inventory
meat x 12 days
10 torches
30’ leather rope
5 hawk hilts (5sp/ea)
Thieves keys
Short sword
Twin fang dagger w/ silver
black medallion
large gem
spear blade (unknown metal)
10 gp, 12 sp

The bastard son of the blacksmith. Knows his way around weapons, armour and a smith. Can do minor repairs but not your first call to build new stuff. Rebelled against his abusive father by spending too many nights in the woods… taught himself how to track, how to hunt, how to survive. The result of too many nights in the woods is a man who can fight, who can defend and who doesn’t necessarily integrate well into society (someone lost an ear because his beer was knocked over…. would have lost more if he was using his axe instead of his teeth!). Because Coal pulled him out of this situation and saved him from swinging from the gallows, he is incredibly loyal to his friend. Not having a good reputation in town means he spends a lot of time at a large farmstead outside of town with a makeshift smith hunting to survive and earning a few coins for repairing adventurer’s (and mercenaries’) gear.

Keenan Caduceus

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