A rogue too curious for his own good.


Age: 24
Race: Human (Cormyrian?)

Stats Skills Edges
Athletics d4 Dual Wield
Agility: d8/+1 Craft d- Thief
Vigor: d6/0 Deception d4
Smarts: d6/0 Fighting d6
Spirit: d6/0 Healing d-
Impress d-
Traits Intrigue d4
Investigate d-
Parry: 5 Knowledge d- Hindrances
Charisma: 0 Notice d6 Curious
Move: 6 Perform d- Loyal
Toughness: 5/3 Persuasion d4 Quirk: Generous
Strength 3 Riding —
Shooting d6
Stealth d6
Survival d4
Thievery d6
Armor Weapon
Location Mat AR Weapon Range Dam WT
Head: L Lth 2 Short Sword n/a Str+d6 3
Torso: L Lth 2 Hunting Bow 12/24/48 2d6 3
Arms: L Lth 2 Dagger 3/6/12 Str +d4
Legs: L Lth 2

Weight Carried: 32
Weight Limit: 30
Encumbrance: 1

Languages Knowledges
Chondathan (native) Treasures
Trade Common (basic) Legends
Thoross (script) North Cormyr
Damaran (basic)
Glory: 0 Experience: 2
short sword (2), short sword (2), hunting bow (2), dagger (1)
scout harness (light leather leather)(15)
satchel/10 (1), bedroll (5), water flask (1),quiver (1)
traveler’s outfit (-)
arrows: 10 (2)

Coal is the child of an adventurer and a barmaid. Twenty-five years ago, on his way to fortune and glory, Rand Windsong seduced Olana. Their romance lasted some time and the inn was a bit of a home to him. He never returned from one adventure into the Stormhorns and thus never knew his love was pregnant.
Coal was nine when Dunman Kiriag, a northern wanderer bought the inn off old Tem Longbottom and became like a father to Coal. Olana passed in her sleep when Coal was twelve – she never loved again and those who knew her before she Rand passed say something within her died the day he never returned.
Dunman allowed the trouble-making Coal to stay with him. Their relationship was somewhat distant but cordial enough. At the age of seventeen, he gave Coal a pair of blades the innkeeper believed belonged to Rand. The youngster practiced with them night and day.

Coal is equipped with paired short swords (a legacy of his father), a hunting bow (a twin to the one his friend Keenan owns) and a scout harness (purchased from the militia stores).

Edge: Thief gives +1 to Stealth and Thievery.
Dual Wield: Every turn, decide +1 to attack or defend. Lightning strike costs 2 points with off-hand.

money pouch
5 gp
22 sp

2 silver plates(2gp)
candle stick 5gp
ring of keys
journal (trader algard dare, loved one alisa in spar)
2 fur (1gp)


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